The decisions taken have contributed to making Maina the modern, flexible and dynamic company it is today, able to reach significant market shares in a very short period of time.
    Each year, Maina produces over 21 million cakes, among panettone, pandoro, colomba and festive cakes and, in addition to the Italian market, it’s present in more than 40 countries in the world, also with products that have been developed ad hoc to satisfy the different tastes and consumption habits of the local market.

  • 1989


    In 1989, Maina becomes the first company outside the North East of Italy to produce Pandoro.

    With the development of this new production line, the volumes increase dramatically and the company needs to expand the covered surface and its warehouse in order to avoid problems in stocking the finished products.

    The actual plant is on a 100.000 sqm surface of which 35.000 are covered.

  • 1984


    In 1984 a new automatic system of kneading dough is developed, an authentic technical revolution for the production of oven baked cakes.

    The introduction of this completely automatic system, which replaces the manual one, allows the company to improve furthermore the products’ quality and the efficiency and standardize the production processes.

  • 1974

    The Development

    Because of the high rise in demand, in 1974 it's necessary once again to expand the factory, and the company moves to its actual plant in Tagliata suburb of Fossano.

    It's originally built on an area of 95.000 sqm with a covered surface of 15.000 sqm.

  • 1969

    The Choice

    After having taken over a small biscuit factory in 1969, based in an ex convent in Fossano, Maina updates the structure and the machinery and makes a brave choice: reducing the number of products and specialising in the production of oven baked cakes, focusing on panettone and colomba produced with high technology and superior quality.

    The aim is to concentrate on some seasonal products and produce them at the hightest quality, in a modern and flexible plant.

  • Confectioner's

    The company originates in Turin in 1964 as a small confectionery laboratory, where thanks to the skill of master confectioners, a thousand delicacies are baked daily: Pan di Spagna, brioches, croissants, amaretti, savoiardi and Panettoni.

    However, after a short time, maintaining the secrets of its home made pastries, the family run laboratory changes into a small factory.

Maina Panettoni

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