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1979 - 1980
Chi ha rubato la fetta?
Direction of Maurizio Nichetti

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1981 - 1982

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1983 - 1984
Natale in famiglia

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1985 - 1987
Maina che buono, che buono, che buono
Testimonial Nino Frassica

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1988 - 1991
Una favola firmata Maina
Designer Bruno Bozzetto

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I Fatti Vostri
Testimonial Alberto Castagna

Funari News
Testimonial Gianfranco Funari

La Ruota della Fortuna
Testimonial Mike Bongiorno

1995 - 1996
Gli Arrabbiati

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1997 - 1998
Mainatale più buono!
Testimonial Fabrizio Frizzi

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1999 - 2001
Mainatale più buono!
Testimonial Paolo Hendel (Carcarlo Pravettoni)

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2002 - 2003
Mai senza Maina
Testimonial Fiorello
Direction of Paolo Virzì

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2004 - 2005
Piano Piano. Buono Buono
Testimonial Teo Teocoli
Direction of Miniero and Genovese

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2006 - 2009
Direction of Carlo Sigon

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Il Gran Pandoro e I Golosoni
Testimonial Roberto Ciufoli
Direction of Jean Mark Viel

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2010 - 2017
Il Natale tra la gente
Direction of Linus Ewers

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Access to certain sections of this website and/or eventual information and data request by visitors to this website may be subject to entering personal data, all of which will be treated in strict compliance with Law Decree N° 196 of 30th June 2003.


Within this website, some data are asked for of necessity, in order to allow Maina Panettoni S.p.A. to respond to requests from users.
Optional data are requested for in-house statistical purposes only.

Data treatment

As prime responsible for the treatment of such data, Maina Panettoni S.p.A. will treat all personal data for the purposes indicated above using computer and telematic instruments and manual methods where necessary. The logic used will be strictly aligned with the stated purposes, and will be such that they guarantee the security of such data.

Categories of subjects to whom data may be communicated

Maina Panettoni S.p.A. undertakes not to transmit any data provided nor make them known to others under any form, unless requested by the judicial or public safety authorities.

Rights of individuals according to Law Decree 196/2003

We wish to inform you that, according to article 7 of the Law Decree mentioned above, the person involved is empowered to exercise specific rights. Among other things, the person involved may obtain:

- confirmation of the holding or otherwise of their data, even where these have not yet been recorded, and that such data be made available to him in an intelligible form

- knowledge of how the data were obtained, as well as the logic and purposes behind them being treated

- seletion, transformation into an anonymous format, or blocking of data treated in violation of the law, as well as updating, correction, and addition of data.

The person involved may also refuse permission to treat data referring to him for legitimate reasons.

Holder of the data treatment

Holder of the treatment is:

Maina Panettoni S.p.A.
Via Bra (Tagliata), 109
12045 Fossano (CN)

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