Slightly salty Panettone,
without sultanas and candied fruits.
The ideal product for
delicious recipes
but still a Panettone,
as it fully respects Italian law
Size 800 g
On the pack
creative recipes by
Chef of the exclusive restaurant
2 star Michelin
Antica Corona Reale of Cervere (CN) - Italy
On the pack, creative recipes by a great Chef!
  1. Peppers from Cuneo, Sicilian anchovies, basil, extra virgin olive oil
  2. Club Sandwich: chicken breast, salad with mayonnaise, boiled eggs, tomatoes
  3. Mortadella Bologna IGP, grilled aubergines, smoked Provola cheese
  4. Caviar and butter
  5. Cream cheese, thyme and smoked salmon
  6. Feline salami, Stracchino cheese
  7. Bresaola, rocket and Parmesan D.O.P.
  8. Mint, spring onion and fresh tomatoes
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Keep the product in the fridge
for about an hour before proceeding.

For cutting, we suggest you to use the
classic bread knife, with a long saw-blade,
or the new ceramic models, the best
to have a clean cut without fraying
the dough or the stuffing ingredients.
Gently remove the paper
mould around the product
Put the Panettone on the side
to cut it more easily
Starting from the bottom cut it
into 6-8 slices
Stuff the slices two at a time
as you like and reassemble the cake
stacking up the different stuffed layers
Cut it vertically into 4 parts
and you'll have many sandwiches to taste