Panettones coming out from the oven

The production cycle for every Maina “Panettone” cake starts with working the sour dough. After a number of sessions of kneading the dough by hand, the sour dough triples in volume and is ready for use.

Once initial leavening has been completed, the sour dough is mixed with eggs, butter, sugar, and flour. The dough produced in this way is left to rise in a leavening cell, after which, eggs and flour are added again, followed by very sweet sultana raisins and candied orange and citron peels.

This marks the end of the kneading phases, and the dough obtained is then placed in special moulds, which are characteristic of “Panettone” and these are once again placed in a leavening cell.

Once this stage has been completed, the dough is ready to be put into the oven, where it is left to bake for about an hour. When it is taken out of the oven, the Panettone starts the slow natural cooling process. In order to maintain its classical dome shape and to preserve its organoleptic characteristics and accentuate its flavours, the Panettone is left to cool turned upside down for about ten hours.

Finally, more than 48 hours after the process started, the Panettone is ready for packing.

All Maina products offer the highest quality, as they are made using a traditional method according to an ancient recipe, with ample use being made of genuine, carefully, selected ingredients, without any preservatives, colourants, or genetically modified organisms.

Pandoros removed from their mould

As in the Panettone’s production, the production cycle of Pandoro starts with preparing the Sour Dough, but in the subsequent kneading stages another type of yeast is added, the beer yeast.

While the preparation of the sour dough is almost identical to that for Panettone, the second phase that involves direct kneading, differs in that, depending on the type of raw materials involved, these are added at various stages, with each addition alternating with further kneading and leaving to rise.

In the next stage the dough is placed in the characteristic, eight-point star-shaped aluminium moulds and then the slow leavening process starts inside a specific cell. When it is taken out of the leavening cell, the Pandoro is put into the oven for about an hour. Once it is baked, the Pandoro is left to cool and then removed from its mould.

More than 30 hours after the process started, the soft, flavourful Pandoro has finished its journey and is ready for packing.

Like all other Maina’s cakes, Pandoro is a top quality product, characterized by an incredibly soft dough and delicate flavour, thanks to its slow leavening and careful preparation, as tradition demands, without any preservatives, colourants, or genetically modified organisms.

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