Our Values

The passion for quality is the basic value that guides all the company’s choices.

Every day, we work in full compliance with all the aspects of quality: in choosing ingredients, making our products, and the care we take in dealing with clients and consumers, as well as guaranteeing the quality and safety of all those involved in making our products.

All Maina products are stringently checked to guarantee our customers all the goodness, healthiness, and safety that have always been the hallmark of our company.

We have opted to put technology at the service of traditional times and recipes.

We are one of the few companies left on the market that uses natural leavening, involving pure Sour Dough. Maina products leaven for more than two days in order to offer our customers unique softness, digestibility, and flavour.

Even cooling is a slow and natural process. In order to maintain its classical dome shape and to preserve its organoleptic characteristics and accentuate its flavours, our panettones are left to cool turned upside down for more than ten hours.

We also allow all the time it takes for preparing a crunchy hazelnut frosting, made according to tradition starting from whole hazelnuts, as carefully selecting all the ingredients.

We choose to give Quality all the time it deserves.

The pleasure of giving others a Maina product or buying one for yourself is to be found in the joy it gives the senses, as well as the consumer’s certainty that our traditional products do not contain any GMOs, and do not contain any colourants. Then, the fact that our products leaven naturally for more than two days, using pure Sour Dough, makes them highly digestible and gives them a long shelf life despite no preservatives or other additives being used.

Cerimonia di premiazione Corporate Conscience Award 2003

It’s our desire to create a long lasting value by building and strengthening our respect for the others, transparency, trust and rigour towards our employees, the community, the clients and the customers.

We were the first confectionery company in the world and the first Italian company in the food sector to obtain SA 8000 Social Accountability Certification, which guarantees the respect by Maina and all its suppliers of all the rules relating to working condition and human rights.

Due to our commitment in the ethical and social field, in October 2003 we were awarded the prestigious “Corporate Conscience Award” in New York, for our “superior performance in implementing the SA 8000 workplace standard”.

This is an international award given by the non-profit organisation SAI (Social Accountability International) founded to improve workplaces and communities around the world by developing and implementing socially responsible standards.

Maina Panettoni

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